Village of Tombouz, Timbuktu, Mali

VILLAGE: Tombouz
CERCLE: Timbuktu
GENERAL LOCATION: Roughly 13 kilometers South-east of Timbuktu
STUDENTS (ages 6-12 years): 135
ETHNICITIES/LANGUAGES: Bella (Tuareg Noir), Arab is main language of population (former slaves of Arab traders)
VILLAGE HISTORY: Founded in 1986
LIVELIHOODS: Herding, agriculture, and artisanal crafts
CTC INTERVENTION: School built by CTC in 2014 and supported since then
A group of
students poses with their teachers before their school in Tombouz built by Caravan to Class Students in a
classroom at the school in Tombouz built by Caravan to Class
A Tombouz girl student reading her assignment in French. The Caravan to Class Tombouz school serves 175 students.

Girls from the village of Tombouz, Timbuktu, Mali reading.


Villagers of Tombouz, Timbuktu, Mali perform a traditional welcome dance.