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Caravan to Class is inspired by the idea of the Camel Caravans that used to traverse the Sahara Desert near Timbuktu, Mali.
Caravan to Class works closely with local villagers, ensuring their commitment to prioritize the education of their deserving children.
Caravan to Class gets its inspiration to advocate for literacy in the Southern Sahara from the children of the villages where we operate.
Caravan to Class is grateful to the teachers and their commitment to bring literacy to the children of far away villages in Africa.

Caravan to Class

Imagine a world... where no matter where a child
lives, the fundamental right of education is assured.


Caravan to Class brings education to the fabled Timbuktu, village by village, reversing the injustice of illiteracy. Find out about:

With your support in helping to educate a child in one of the villages where Caravan to Class operates, we not only bring the gift of literacy directly to a child in a village in Africa, but also break the cycle of illiteracy in the child’s family and bring hope for the future to the village.

Mali Update, February 2016

Dear Supporters of our Kakondji school construction project on Global Giving:

I wanted to provide an update on my February 2016 trip to Timbuktu about both the security situation in Timbuktu and Northern Mali, and most importantly our just-completed school in the village of Kakondji.

Once one of the world’s most literate places, and more recently an important travel destination for the intrepid traveler (it is hard to believe now that Bono was in Timbuktu only 4 years ago), today Timbuktu is a surreal place of ancient UNESCO World Heritage sites, pastoral scenes of camels and donkeys transporting agriculture, and more than 3,000 UN Peacekeepers. There are military checkpoints everywhere in a heavily militarized environment void of tourists and non-UN foreigners.


2014-2015 Impact Report

View our 2014-2015 Impact Report to learn how your support has helped Caravan to Class bring literacy to the children of Mali.

“If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

~ Mother Theresa

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Video Update - Progress of our work


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Watch this video of girls reciting the alphabet in our school in Tombouz, Timbuktu, Mali.

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Read the interview with CTC founder Barry Hoffner, catch up with progress on literacy programs and Caravan-to-Class press releases.

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